4. Solution Strategy


A short summary and explanation of the fundamental decisions and solution strategies, that shape the system’s architecture. These include

  • technology decisions
  • decisions about the top-level decomposition of the system, e.g. usage of an architectural pattern or design pattern
  • decisions on how to achieve key quality goals
  • relevant organizational decisions, e.g. selecting a development process or delegating certain tasks to third parties.


These decisions form the cornerstones for your architecture. They are the basis for many other detailed decisions or implementation rules.


Keep the explanation of these key decisions short.

Motivate what you have decided and why you decided that way,
based upon your problem statement, the quality goals and key constraints. Refer to details in the following sections (section 5 for structural details, section 8 for crosscutting concepts).

You might use a list of solution-approaches or a table similar to the following:

Quality goal Scenario Solution approach Link to Details
<Q-goal 1>  <Text> <Text> <Link>
<Q-goal 2>  <Text> <Text> <Link>


<insert solution strategy>

list or table

Further Info


See here for questions related to solution strategy and fundamental concepts.