You need a brief summary and explanation of the fundamental solution ideas and strategies. These key ideas should be familiar to everyone involved in development and architecture.
Briefly explain how you achieve the most important quality requirements.

4. Solution Strategy

Please note:

  • In real life you would include links to detailed descriptions - that’s omitted in this example.
  • In this example, the approaches are centered around specific requirements. That is not necessary - certain stragic approaches in your system might be quite general and not related to specific requirements.
Goal/Requirement Architectural Approach Details
Flexible Data Structure  Database structure + persistence code is completely (100%) generated from UML-model  
Flexibility in Transmission Formats (CSV and fix-record-formats Create domain-specific languages for CSV and fix-format import/export configurations. Build an ANTLR based parser for these languages plus the corresponding interpreters.  Section 8.2 
Flexibility (Configurable CSV/fix formats) Implement customized editor for CSV/fix DSL as Eclipse plugin Section 8.2
Performance (import/process 250k images/24hrs)  Treat images as special case, store images in filesystem instead of database, create unique path/filename based upon cient-ID, include load-testing in automatic build, create test-data generator  Include special case for image persistence in code generator, Section 8.1