Crosscutting concepts structure

Category   Topic Explanation
Domain concepts   i.e. domain models, business data model
User Experience concepts (UX)    
  User interface  
  Internationalization (i18n) How to make the system usable in international settings, translation, screen-layout, wording and other
Safety and security concepts    
  Security i.e. how to achieve confidentiality, non-reputiability and other goals.
  Safety Safety-critical systems are those whose failure or malfunction may result in death or injury or severe financial loss
Architecture and design patterns   recurring patterns within the system 
“Under-the-hood” concepts    
  Persistency how / where to store and retrieve data
  Process control  
  Transaction handling How to handle technical or business transactions, i.e. to achieve ACID properties
  Session handling How to handle user/client sessions
  Communication and integration How to integrate with other systems, how to communicate (i.e. sync, async, pub-sub…)
  Exception and error handling What errors to handle, how to handle exceptional situations
  Parallization and threading How to parallelize tasks, how to create/spawn/manage processes
  Plausibility checks and validation i.e. client-side validation, how to verify/check data, input, results.
  Business rules i.e. how to use a rule-engine, how to implement/configure business rules, how to change those…
  Batch processing How to process data in batches (i.e. offline processing)
  Reporting How to create reports, how to gather the required data, how to render the results
Development concepts    
  Build, test, deploy  
  Code generation  
Operational concepts    
  Monitoring, Logging  
  High Availability  
  Load balancing