Scenarios are time-consuming to create

As runtime scenarios are quite time-consuming to create and maintain, focus on:

  • the important ones, that are really specific, complex, risky or otherwise interesting.
  • scenarios that help designing building blocks or challenge corresponding design decisions.

Use scenarios primarily to identify and discuss building block behavior, and keep only a few scenarios for your documentation.

Keep only a few scenarios in your documentation

Document only scenarios that:

  • are crucial to understanding the overall processing within the system, i.e. for the most important functions, features or use-cases,
  • are critical for the top-quality goals of the system,
  • are especially risky in their implementation,
  • involve critical, volatile or unstable external interfaces,
  • had been very difficult to implement,
  • need special attention by some stakeholders
  • etc.

In my (Gernot) experience, it’s perfectly ok to keep just 1-3 scenarios in your documentation - but use several dozens during design and development of the system.

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