You should explicitly represent the expectations of these stakeholders (see above) with respect to the architecture and its documentation in the form of a table.

Minimal stakeholder table

You can find a minimal version in the table below, which only outlines the expectations or required artifacts.

Role Expectation
Administrator Deployment-overview, installation and operations details, firewalls
QA department Description of the interfaces for load testing, possible measuring points for performance testing, technical concept for security and reliability

Table: Stakeholder table with roles and expectation

Detailed stakeholder table

The table below shows a more detailed version including the relevance for approval and contact information. Please pay attention to any changes in the project teams and add next to the concrete persons, if necessary, also their replacement and work areas / departments / organization respectively.

Role Contact Relevance for approval Expectation
Project leader Ms. Foobar, Ph.D. High Overview technical risk, external interfaces
Project sponsor Mrs. Lovelace, Ph.D. High Proof that the top-3 quality goals can be achieved
Backend Developer Bruno Batch None Persistenz and reporting concept, Details DWH interface

More detailed stakeholder table