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6. Runtime View

6.1 Execute all checks

A typical scenario within HtmlSC is the execution of all available checking algorithms on a set of HTML pages.

Main Loop


  1. User or build calls htmlSanityCheck build target.
  2. Gradle (from within build) calls sanityCheckHtml
  3. HSC configures input files and output directory
  4. HSC creates an AllChecksRunner instance
  5. gets all configured files into allFiles
  6. (planned) get all available Checker classes based upon annotation
  7. perform the checks, collecting the results

6.2 Report checking results

Sequence diagram: Report results

Reporting is done in the natural hierarchy of results (see the corresponding concept in section 8.2.1 for an example report).

  1. per “run” (PerRunResults): date/time of this run, files checked, some configuration info, summary of results
  2. per “page” (SinglePageResults):
  3. create page result header with summary of page name and results
  4. for each check performed on this page create a section with SingleCheckResults
  5. per “single check on this page” report the results for this particular check