10. Quality Requirements

10.1 Quality Tree

Note: The (1), (2), (3) in the following table repeat the top level quality requirements from chapter 1.2.

Quality Category Quality  Description Scenario
Usability Ease of Use (3) Ease of use by the policeman, especially in the use case of pursuing another car  
  Ease of Learning The standard functions should be as easy and intuitive to use as possible without the need for lengthy prior instruction SC1
Performance Accuracy (1) Measurements and calculations shall be correct and precise within the specified deviation range  
  Comprehensiveness The algorithms used must be as legally watertight as possible and comprehensible  
  Precision & Accuracy If possible, the video insertions should be made with the granularity of a video frame  
  Robustness (2) The system shall work reliable under all specified environment and operating conditions.  
Operational & Environmental Temperature Range The temperature range in which the correct functioning of the device is ensured should range from -25 degrees to +85 degrees SC3
Maintainability & Support Maintenance & Repair It should be possible to replace components outside the measurement box without affecting the correct measurement inside the measurement box  
Security Integrity Verifiability of the authenticity of the video files shall be ensured with a verification code  
Cultural and Regional Multilanguage the texts of the user interface should be able to be converted by a translation file into different languages with ASCII character set SC4
  Local Time Adaptability The time difference to Greenwich must be adjustable with a granularity of 1 minute  
  Local Legal Rules Adaptability the measurement procedure shall be adaptable to regional legislation  
Legal Legal Compliance Correct implementation and application of all legal requirements in the evaluation for the different types of pursuits SC2

10.2 Quality Scenarios

Id Scenario
SC1 A user who does not know the system can operate it after 10 minutes of instruction
SC2 When playing a video frame by frame afterwards, each frame contains exactly the expected information
SC3 Even under maximum and minimum temperature (e.g. in a climatic chamber), the device always outputs the same speed at constant pulse frequency.
SC4 With appropriate translation files replacing the default language (English), all displayed and printed texts now appear in this language.