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1.2 (example) Quality Requirements for HTML Sanity Checker

Priority Quality Goal Scenario
1 Correctness Every broken internal link (cross reference) is found.
1 Correctness Every potential semantic error is found and reported. In case of doubt1, report and let the user decide.
1 Safety Content of the files to be checked is never altered.
2 Flexibility Multiple checking algorithms, report formats and clients. At least Gradle and command-line have to be supported.
2 Correctness Correctness of every checker is automatically tested for positive AND negative cases.
3 Performance Check of 100kB html file performed under 10 secs (excluding Gradle startup)
  1. Especially when checking external links, the correctness of links depends on external factors, like network availability, latency or server configuration, where HtmlSC cannot always identify the root cause of potential problems.