8. Crosscutting Concepts

8.1 Domain Entity Model

Fig. 8.1: Domain Entity Model

Term  Definition  
Frame Interval the smallest period for data sampled by the TPU. It corresponds to the duration of one video frame, which is 40 milliseconds for a frequency of 25 videoframes per second  
Distance Per Frame the distance (in millimeters) travelled during one frame  
Distance Per Second the distance (in millimeters) travelled during one second  
Pursuit Step the measured and calculated data for one second within a pursuit. It consists of pursuit duration, distance, current speed, current maximum violation.  
Pursuit Step File a file containing all pursuit steps  
Pursuit File a file containing the video, the pursuit step file and the printout for one pursuit.  
Pursuit Protocol second-by-second logging of the driven speed + pursuit summary  
Sector a part of a complete pursuit  
Video Frame one picture within a video stream. Usually we have 25 frames per second.