This diagram (created with Enterprise Architect(TM) as a component model) shows the refinement of the measuring box including the level 2 black box descriptions.

5.2 Measuring Unit (Building Block View Level 2)

The following figure shows the internal structure of the Measuring Unit.

Building Block View Level 2 of Traffic Pursuit Unit

1.1 MuServices

contains the services offered by the MeasuringUnit and offers these via an RPC interface. These services are:

  • deliver periodic updates of environmental and measuring data
  • perform a pursuit
  • perform an automatic calibration
  • perform a manual calibration
  • print pursuit protocol
  • print calibration data

1.2 Pursuit

implements the operational logic, all calculations and storage of the data of a pursuit

1.3 Calibrate

implements all functions to perform an automatic calibration and to permanently check the validity of the current calibration data

1.4 PrintService

handles layouting formatting of documents describing pursuits or calibrations and renders these according to the type of the connected printers. Implements a print queue to print thedocuments out to the attached printer.

1.5 SimpleTPU

implements the user interface and control logic to run a TPU without video functionality based only on the hardware and software of the Measuring Unit.

1.6 Config

contains all configuration data concerning the behaviour and the legal parameters for the measurements.

1.7 MuInit

runs only once to initialize and start up all services within the MeasuringUnit.